Recreational Vehicle Insurance

motorcycle insuranceInsure your Recreational Vehicles including Motorcycles, Boats, RVs, Motor Homes, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel and Golf Carts

Boat Insurance

We are fortunate to live in Florida and have temperatures that makes being outside most of the year possible. And, this means that we enjoy our recreational vehicles. They provide us with a pastime that is both enjoyable and helps keep us fit.

Boat policies are designed for the modern day occurrences such as salvage, wreck removal, pollution or environmental damage. You can also insure for bodily injury, uninsured boater, towing and damage to the boat and personal effects. I policy can be written for actual cash value (ACV) or agreed value. Agreed value doesn’t have any depreciation built in, but has a higher premium associated with it. As the vessel ages, most carriers will switch it to an ACV policy.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle enthusiasts love being out on the open road. Many motorcycles in Florida are self-insured. If you have an accident with them, you may end up paying for any damage either bodily injury or physical property damage on your own. It is important to protect your investment and yourself from any insult. Motorcycle insurance has both bodily injury aspects and property damage aspects. You can easily set up this coverage for your two-wheel delight. Uninsured motorist can also be obtained for protection to you from cyclists who aren’t carrying any insurance at all and cause you bodily injury.

RV InsuranceRVs Including Motor Homes, Travel Trailer and 5th Wheel

These vehicles vary in usage and cost. An RV can be a substantial investment and should be properly insured. Don’t assume that it is covered on your auto policy. Plus, you need a customized policy that will cover personal items carried in a Motor Home and liability insurance when the Motor Home is parked and used as a residence. Attached accessories like awnings, antennas, roof-top air conditioners and satellite dishes can be covered on your RV policy. And if you have a covered loss, make sure that your policy will pay for expenses for lodging or traveling home if you can’t stay in your Motor Home.
Your agent will sit down with you and review usage and needs for your RV. This will assure you that your policy covers you for the usage that the recreation vehicle provides.

Golf Carts

With more and more communities allowing golf cart usage on city streets, it’s important that you get the right coverage for your Florida tags. We can readily write the state mandated coverage for this vehicle so that you can legally enjoy driving it on the city streets.

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