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Auto Insurance

Your car is critical to your lifestyle. You use it to get to work and to run errands and maybe get the kids to where they want to go. With the right insurance for your car, truck, or motorcycle, you can make sure you get your vehicle back in action as soon as possible. Being without your car is not an option. Learn more about our Auto Insurance options here.

Avrin Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Our home is our castle and our biggest investment. If something happens to our homes it may be a major financial catastrophe that we may not recover from. That why making sure our homes are adequately covered is a critical part of being a good head of your family. Learn more about homeowner’s insurance here.

Business Insurance

Your business needs protection too. What will you do if a storm closes your business, or litigation through no fault of your own, costs your business in some significant way. You need to protect yourself, your employees and your assets with adequate business coverage. Learn more about Business Insurance here.

Avrin Insurance Agency
Avrin Insurance Agency
Avrin Insurance Agency
Avrin Insurance Agency

I have been a client of Avrin Insurance Agency for several years. Over the years I have moved additional policies to the agency because of both pricing and service. Recently, Rebecca Avrin went above and beyond. My policies for two vehicles were up for renewal. The amounts seemed rather high to Rebecca so she shopped for policies without my even knowing she had done so. The result was a savings of more than 20%! I will continue to recommend Avrin Insurance Agency to friends and clients.

Fred M.


“I have been a client at the Avrin Insurance Agency since 2008. Rebecca Avrin has always been courteous, personable and friendly. She always offers detailed information and clear direction along with the best valued products. Rebecca is always prompt following up and addressing my insurance needs. Her dedication to provide an excellent customer service experience is the reason Avrin Insurance Agency is ‘home to me’.” Angelo V.

Retired Union Rep

“Rebecca has always provided fast and accurate responses to my questions. She handles all my insurance needs at this point in time because time and time again she gets the numbers right! Recently I purchased a new home and almost immediately needed to leave the country for work. There was some missing information needed for my Home owners policy. It was an urgent situation and I was 13 hrs. in the “Future” and was having problems getting a hold of the people I needed to, to get the information. Rebecca put in extra time and effort on my part and hunted down the missing pieces and got my insurance figured out. It’s that sort of personal attention that will keep me a customer for a long, long time!” Kelly M.,

Corporate Trainer

“I’m the type of person who never has to file a claim. In fact I usually just grumble when I have to buy insurance. One day, I received a notice of cancellation from my homeowners insurance – I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to get homeowners these days in Florida. But, I called Rebecca Avrin’s office and she helped me out right away. ” “I then had a problem with one aspect of the policy and they jumped on the situation, found out the problem and handled it just like that!!! I am so pleased with this group, I will recommend them to all my friends and acquaintances. Thanks Rebecca and Dana for being there when I needed you!” Terry M.


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