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Avrin Pet InsuranceInsuring Your Pet

We love our pets. We would do almost anything for them. Rover and Garfield often become important parts of the family. We couldn’t live without them.

In fact, we often spend a lot of money taking our pets to the Vet to keep them healthy — and sometimes just to keep them alive. Sometimes we take better care of our dogs and cats than we do ourselves.

But those Veterinarian bills can add up. Keeping up with medical expenses for our pets can become a major financial burden on a family, or on an older pet lover on a fixed income. Now there’s a solution that will help you take care of the pet you love without it becoming a financial problem.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws is the #1 customer-rated pet insurance plan offering a comprehensive, affordable pet health plan for your dog or cat. Get your free quote today and see how pet insurance can help save you money on unexpected pet medical bills.

Helping you care for your pet is just part of of the Avrin Insurance mission. We want to make sure everyone in the family is covered including your beloved pets. We believe in Healthy Paws.

And with every enrollment, Healthy Paws donates time and services to help animal adoption groups save more homeless pets. Their five-year goal is to engage over 15 million pet advocates and help them take action to help more homeless pets get adopted.

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