Jewelry Insurance

jewelry insuranceInsure Your Valuable Jewelry

Your jewelry has great value to you. Whether it’s an heirloom or important gift from a loved one you want to make sure it’s protected. Jewelry insurance can help.

When you bought or received your jewelry as a gift, it’s a pleasant and enjoyable experience, many times filled with sentiment and emotion that is part of the occasion for the gift. You want your jewelry purchase to be valued and well taken care of for the time you own it. That is why jewelry insurance makes sense.

Did you know that jewelry insured on your homeowner’s policy is only covered for theft and usually caps out at $1000?

With a stand-alone jewelry policy you protect your investments worldwide from loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance at the true value of the item. Jewelry policy coverage will repair, replace with like and kind, or offer settlements. Plus, a jewelry loss doesn’t impact the status of your homeowner policy when you have it on its own separate policy.

Our carriers only require one appraisal for the life of the policy, as they have advanced software which can extrapolate value form an appraisal done 25 years ago. Subsequent appraisals don’t have to be obtained as with some carriers. Deductibles are available and discounts are offered for security systems, safes and safe deposit boxes.

Protection for Your Jewelry

After purchasing jewelry from a reputable jeweler and having it properly appraised and insured it’s important to protect it from hazards such as theft, loss and damage. Some safety tips include keeping your house secure. Most unlawful entries occur during the day when most houses are vacant. Make sure that your house looks lived in with proper exterior upkeep. Doors and windows should be locked. Do not keep jewelry exposed, but placed away and in a secure location.

If doing hazardous work around the house such as cleaning, fertilizing, adding chemicals to the pool, or working with power tools consider removing your jewelry to protect it from the elements. Consider removing jewelry when working out also, and take advantage of free inspections at jewelry stores for wear and tear. Pieces that are worn repeatedly should be looked at periodically for wear on the mountings and stability of the stones.

If your jewelry becomes damaged, make sure that you gather all pieces, take photos and write a narrative on what occurred. Contact your insurance agent immediately to submit the claim.

If you still have questions Rebecca wants to help. She would be happy to arrange a free consultation to discuss your options and help you understand what having adequate jewelry insurance means to you. Contact Rebecca here for more information.