Flood Insurance

Avrin Flood InsuranceInsurance for Flooding

Yes, we live in Florida where it rains almost all summer. And yes, there’s always the chance of a hurricane coming through the state, and that is what makes flooding an almost common occurrence and something you need to have in your plans in order to protect your property.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area that is not prone to flooding, you may be able to get by without flood insurance. But, like the man said…  “Are you feeling lucky?”

But, if you do live in a special flood zone, then you really have no choice. You need flood insurance if you want to be safe and protect your home and family from what could be a financial disaster. That’s when you have to ask yourself… “If my home gets flooded could we really survive financially?”

Floods Are Common

Did you know that flooding is the most common natural disaster? Many people feel that they do not need flood insurance because they “are not in a flood zone.” But, technically, since water can fall anywhere, the entire country is in a flood zone, and all land in this country has been surveyed, and has been designated into a specific flood zone designation.

Many homes are classified as low to moderate zones of flooding and are not forced to carry flood insurance by their lenders. These zones are generally the zones that are presumed by consumers to “not be in a flood zone.” But, once again, surprising enough, these very same zones receive 25% of all flood claims. To put it into perspective, for every four floods that occur, one is in a low to moderate flood zone in which your lender hasn’t required you to carry flood coverage.

Flood coverage is always a separate policy from your homeowner’s policy. Many residents of New Orleans found out after Katrina that their regular Homeowner Policy did not cover for flooding during the hurricane. Don’t be left without the proper coverage. Be properly insured, and call us for a low-cost federally funded flood insurance policy to protect your largest asset, your home.

If you want to discuss flood insurance, and whether your home needs to have it, Rebecca would love to help you. You can contact her on this page and arrange a quote.